Monday, January 20, 2014

Nearing observation #10,000

Thanks to a big increase in the number of app users after releasing our expanded language version, we will reach observation number 10,000* in the next few days. To celebrate the milestone, I will send a holographic postcard showing Europe by day and night to the registered user who makes a complete observation (7 or more stars, no moon, no twilight, no clouds) with the observation number closest to 10,000.

This postcard could be yours!

The moon is away, GLOBE at Night 2014 has officially started, so get out and observe some stars tonight!

*This doesn't mean that we have 10,000 good data points, because most of these observations have in fact been submitted by people running the demo mode, using the app when it's partly cloudy, when the sun is not fully set, when the moon is up, or not making decisions on at least 7 stars. Depending on the month, about 10-20% of all observations fit the strictest requirements for analyzing the data.

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