Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Top 5 posts of 2015

Here's the top five most read posts from this blog last year:

1) A brief introduction to the project - Hurrah for brevity!

2) The Globe at Night revisit project - Help us re-sample locations to see how the sky has changed.

3) Effect of a single floodlamp in a natural area - If you haven't seen the photo yet, check it out now!

4) Citizens push back on LED lighting - Want good lights? Talk to city hall!

5) Amazing new photos from the International Space Station - High-res photos of cities at night.

Thanks for reading! The current moon-free period runs until about the 10th. Help us track how the sky brightness were you live is changing with our app, Globe at Night, or the Dark Sky Meter app! Once you've made an observation, you can view it at My Sky at Night.

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