Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Loss of the Night app expanding to 15 languages!

The updated version of the Loss of the Night app is going to come out very soon. In addition to lots of new features, we've added support for Czech, Hebrew, Slovak, and Turkish.

We would like to recognize our volunteer translators for their considerable donation of time to this project:

Arabic: Amr Al-Omari
Catalan: Salvador Ribas
Chinese: Yongguang Zhang
Czech - Milada Moudrá, Michal Bareš
French: Olivier Domingue, Johanne Roby, Martin Aubé, and Romain Clément
German: Annette Krop-Benesch
Hebrew - Roni Segoly
Italian: Andrea Giacomelli
Japanese: Nobuaki Ochi
Polish: Ania Wisniewska
Romanian: Catalin Daniel Galatanu
Slovak - Jaroslav Merc, Peter Begeni, Pavol Rapavý
Spanish: Salvador Ribas
Turkish - Nail Köker

Thanks to all of you for helping make this a truly international project!

If you are interested in helping us expand the app to include your language, please send me an email.

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