Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lighting strategies in England

A number of English councils are experimenting with replacing dusk-till-dawn lighting with a different lighting regime, either involving dimming of lamps, or else switching them off. The Campaign to Protect Rural England has done a survey of councils to try to understand how widespread this practice is, what the councils reasons are, and to learn more about what types of strategies are being used. They've produced a 32 page report summarizing their findings that you can download for free. They've also made the short slideshow below to present the main findings:

Lighting survey results from cpre

If you found that interesting, you may also be interested in a related report submitted to the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs: A review of local authority road lighting initiatives aimed at reducing costs, carbon emissions and light pollution.

Finally, my group recently published a paper discussing recommendations that we suggest policymakers should adopt in order to reduce energy consumption, and reducing light levels during periods of little activity was one of our recommendations. The paper is unfortunately not open access, but you can download an author's copy from my personal website, Redefining efficiency for outdoor lighting.

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