Friday, March 21, 2014

GLOBE at Night turns 8 years old!

The Loss of the Night app came about because of my research into the citizen science data from the GLOBE at Night project. The first GLOBE at Night data came in on March 22, 2006, so a few hours from now GLOBE at Night is going to turn 8 years old! Congratulations to Connie Walker, and everyone else on the GLOBE at Night team at NOAO!

The third GLOBE at Night campaign of 2014 begins tonight, and even if you prefer to use the Loss of the Night app or the Dark Sky Meter app, I hope that you will take a moment to take part in GLOBE at Night this month. The reason is that the time series for GLOBE at Night stretches back further, and observations taken using the same method are much easier to compare to each other. Since the original GLOBE at Night campaign began in March, additional observations from March each year are more important than those in any other month.

So if it's clear where you live, please take a few minutes to go outside and look up at the stars in the next ten days!

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